Barbara Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds

I live on Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts. Natural beauty surrounds me at every turn. The natural wonders of this place inspires me to look at the beauty of my surroundings and to try to capture that beauty through my camera lens.

In recent years, my love of photography has grown into a passion. My husband and I have a large vegetable and flower garden. In the early mornings, I wander around the garden and take close-up photos of the various plants and flowers growing. I began creating cards using the photos of the flowers and giving the cards as gifts to friends. Friends asked me to make cards for them to buy. When I gave my hairdresser a set of cards, she offered to sell them in her salon. Thus, Barbara Reynolds Photography was born.

I enjoy giving back to my community and try to support many local organizations with donations of my photo products. I have partnered with The Red Stocking Fund of Martha’s Vineyard, an organization that provides clothing to needy families on the island, and give a portion of every card I sell to that organization.

Barbara Reynolds Photography

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